Extremity MRI

Zero Radiation

This beautiful machine cares about your health as much as we do, so there is no radiation while you are getting scanned. Plus MRIs on hands, arms, legs, knees, and feet are so much better now that you can sit down and relax while getting your imaging taken care of.

Seriously! The Only one of its kind in Utah

We take great pride in giving our patients the best possible care they can receive. We want you to feel comfortable while you are having a short visit with us.

Designed specifically for the extremity

No more worries of Claustrophobia

Another way this machine takes care of you is by giving you room to breath. “Be gone Claustrophobia you are not welcome here in my house” said the Extremity MRI.

State of the Art Comfort

Seriously, this machine is like a lazy boy recliner. It’s okay we will wake you up when your scan has been completed.

Just sit back and relax...

Don’t be afraid to find a way to enjoy this experience.

What makes the GE Optima MR430 1.5T so special?

After years and years of research scientists were able to figure out how to make a smaller MRI that focuses specifically on your extremities, allowing for a more relaxed and comfortable visit.