Extremity MRI

Whether you need a full body scan or an extremity MRI, US Sports Imaging will meet your needs with the most advanced technology in Utah

Since our foundations, we at US Sports Imaging have been helping athletes return to the field with full capacity and assisting individuals in regaining their comfortable lifestyles without chronic pain or injury. Because of our dedication to our many outstanding patients, we are able to offer you the personalized treatment you need in order to get back on your feet. Contact us to schedule your appointment and begin your road to recovery. We guarantee that no one can provide you with better MRI technology or services than US Sports Imaging in Utah.

Full Body Scanners and Extremity MRI Machines

The only way to get the most detailed, most accurate body scan is to use the latest and greatest of MRI technology. US Sports Imaging offers you access to the top of the line MRI machines that can produce the clearest full body scans. These scans will enable our doctors to properly diagnose you and help you begin your recovery. We are also one of the few MRI Sports Imaging companies that has an extremity MRI machine in our Utah office. This extraordinary machine makes MRI scans of your arms or legs a much more comfortable experience for each of our patients. Athletes love the new extremity machine, because we are able to get a clear image of their injuries without causing great discomfort or even pain by using traditional MRI scanning machines.

Our Qualified Specialists

Our impressive technology would be useless without the expertise of our professionals and staff. Our knowledgeable Utah staff has received the most effective preparatory training and schooling available. Even more importantly, we have practiced and honed our skills in real life experiences. Through every small interaction with patients like you, we learn more about full body scans, extremity MRI and how to better serve and treat our patients. We have seen a wide range of injuries and chronic pain in a variety of ages and types of patients. Because of this extensive exposure, we are capable of helping every patient that walks through our doors. Our doctors and staff have the knowledge and experience to help you with your full body scans, extremity MRIs

The Complete Experience

At US Sports Imaging in Utah, you’ll get more than full body scans or extremity MRIs. You will have a comfortable experience and leave knowing you are on the way to getting better.