Knee Scans

U.S. MRI offers the best technology in the knee scan, brain scan, and general MRI industries and assists patients from the moment they walk in through the post scan diagnostics.

 Athletes and other individuals choose to see U.S. MRI for everything from knee MRIs to intensive brain scans because they consistently deliver the best service and top quality results with their state-of-the-art scanners and staff.

 U.S. MRI has Experience that Counts

You don’t get to be the official medical provider for the US Ski Team without being the best in your industry. Not only are we at U.S. MRI the official provider for the US Ski Team, but we also provide knee and brain scans and other services for US Snowboarding and US Free Skiing. We have experience handling MRIs for traumatic knee injuries and diverse brain MRIs, so we are qualified to complete your scan today. Because of extensive experience, our staff members are proficient with the scanners we use and will help you feel comfortable and at ease during your knee, shoulder, brain or any other scan. Our knowledgeable doctors will use the scan for diagnostics and put you on the best road to recovery, whether this be knee rehabilitation or brain surgery.

 U.S. MRI has Unmatched Scanner Technology

At U.S. MRI, we use only the best scanners in the industry to scan a patient’s brain, knee or other area. We are proud to have the first extremity scanner in Utah. This extremity scanner, the Optima MR430s 1.5T scanner by GE, allows us to produce the most accurate knee scans in the entire state of Utah. Whether you experience chronic knee pain or have recently suffered a knee injury, our extremity scanner is the most comfortable and most effective way to discover the source of the problem and plan a healing strategy. The typical CT scan contains 500 times the radiation of an x-ray, but MRI scans are produced without any radiation. This makes our extremity scanner the safest way to scan an injured knee, ankle or other extremity.

While our unmatched extremity scanner is highly effective on knee scans, we also use the GE Horizon scanner to scan all regions of the body. It is specifically effective in brain scans and functional MRIs, or fMRIs, on the brain. This scanner is used to diagnose concussions. There is an alarming trend in today’s athletics; nearly half of athletes with brain trauma and concussion return to the playing field too soon. We take your safety seriously, and our staff will carefully study your brain and your situation to prevent further brain injury. Because we have experts who created this scanner on staff, we are able to produce the most detailed brain scans coupled with the most accurate brain diagnostics.