High Field Open MRI

Hitachi Oasis 1.2T

1.2T Superconducting Magnet

Highest field strength open MRI

Open Architecture

Unlimited lateral opening provides free range of motion and high patient accommodation

Dual Side Controls

Improves operator efficiency and convenience

Zenith RF Technology

Coils enclose anatomy for high signal and uniformity

Patient Comfort

The makers of the Oasis had one thing in mind when they designed this miraculous machine – you, the patient. The patient centric design delivers optimal patient comfort. The unique design allows us to scan patients of all varieties.

Pediatric Imaging

Scanning children without sedation! The open architecture gives parents the ability to stay with their child during the scan.

Claustrophobic Imaging

Being claustrophobic is no longer an issue while getting an MRI. The Oasis offers a reduced anxiety environment due to the patient’s ability to see left and right without feeling constricted.

Bariatric Imaging

Sit next to your loved one throughout the entire exam. The Oasis has an incredible 32″ ultra-wide patient table that lowers down to 20″, making it easily accessible for patients to transition to and from the table. Reducing the strain and struggle that can happen during any scan set up.

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